Structural Inspection

The aim of the structural inspection is to control the accurate execution of the construction, minimizing cost and timetable overruns, correcting and avoiding construction errors that might put lives in danger or affect the integrity of the structure, as occurred during the February 27, 2010 earthquake.

The ITE also reduces delays related to the solution of minor problems (understanding drawings, construction details, minor revisions) and in general assures a better quality of the construction project.

This inspection is also relevant in controlling proper building practices and the installation of architectural and secondary elements that interact with the structure (partitions, equipment, pipe lines, plumbing, electrical and mechanical installations, etc.)

These works are carried out in close collaboration and coordination with the ITO (Cost Control and Inspection Office) as well as providing a permanent flow of information to the client, if he so requests it.

The advantage of the inspection stems from the permanent oversight over the execution of the different structural elements,  to the close adherence to the drawings, to the art of good construction, as well as to the supervision  of the installations and the union of non structural elements, while maintaining  a permanent flow of communication with VMB headquarters to back up proposed solutions.

In order to meet this objective VMB will appoint a resident construction engineer during the execution of the works, at least during the entire structural work phase.