VMB was founded in 1950 by civil engineers  Hartmut Vogel, Fernando Del Sol and Juan Muggli. As of that date, under different names,VMB has dedicated itself exclusively to structural engineering with more than 10million square meters of construction design. The Company is acknowledged for its experience and the quality of its  design of buildings, malls, hotels, industrial installations, factories, housing and bridges.

From its beginnings VMB has understood that its relationship with its clients is a long term commitment and its main strengths are the quality of its service and designs offered. This is achieved mainly by an organzation that is focussed on providing a personalized attention by its partners to each of its clients as well as an appropriate and timely response to their requirements.

The partnership is currently led by Rodrigo Mujica and Leopoldo Breschi, together with a great team of experienced professionals forming a stable and homogeneous work group, prepared to meet the requirements of its clients, offering the best technical and economic solutions while complying with  safety, quality, time tables and cost benefit terms required by the client.


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